Michael Ciborski Talks

Michael Ciborski Dharma Talks

Michael Ciborski is a Dharma teacher in the Plum Village tradition and student of Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh. He was ordained as a monk for seven years at Plum Village Monastery, France where he practiced mindfulness and organized retreats for lay practitioners around the world. After leaving the monastery in 2003, Michael returned to the US and along with his wife Fern, established a spiritual community and practice center in Southern New Hampshire known as MorningSun. Present day, he offers many mindfulness workshops and retreats around the country. 

Michael Ciborski has been the MPCH Dharma teacher for years, offering virtual Dharma talks throughout the year and coming in person to our Fall Retreat. Below are recordings of his Dharma Talks, available in both audio and video format.

2024 Dharma Talk Series 

Realizing the Path, One Step at a Time: A return to the foundational practices of true presence and understanding

2024_02_18 Michael Ciborski Dharma Talk (Video).mp4

Talk #1: February 18, 2024 

Back to the Basics

2024_04_21 Michael Ciborski Dharma Talk (Video).mp4

Talk #2: April 21, 2024 

Nourishing and Protecting Peace